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Logan Loud's new side by ArtIsMyMarc Logan Loud's new side :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 5 2 Deadcob  by ArtIsMyMarc Deadcob :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 3 0 Loud's Intervention  by ArtIsMyMarc Loud's Intervention :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 13 2 Lincoln Loud's Fury Unleashed! by ArtIsMyMarc Lincoln Loud's Fury Unleashed! :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 65 50 CHOCOLATE!!! by ArtIsMyMarc CHOCOLATE!!! :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 44 16 The Loud House: Enter the Ghost Gene by ArtIsMyMarc The Loud House: Enter the Ghost Gene :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 32 26 DaVinci Schools Flyer  by ArtIsMyMarc DaVinci Schools Flyer :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 1 0 The Loud House: Trade it for more than the World by ArtIsMyMarc The Loud House: Trade it for more than the World :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 43 30 Ash Greninja VS Lapis Lazuli by ArtIsMyMarc Ash Greninja VS Lapis Lazuli :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 7 3 The Phantom House by ArtIsMyMarc The Phantom House :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 48 88 El Diablo meets DJ by ArtIsMyMarc El Diablo meets DJ :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 12 6 Guess who made Waffles  by ArtIsMyMarc Guess who made Waffles :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 6 1 The Archer House by ArtIsMyMarc The Archer House :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 11 1 Steven Universe: All Bark  All BITE by ArtIsMyMarc Steven Universe: All Bark All BITE :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 7 36 Meta Knight VS Pearl by ArtIsMyMarc Meta Knight VS Pearl :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 5 1 The Hellsing House by ArtIsMyMarc The Hellsing House :iconartismymarc:ArtIsMyMarc 20 3


Naxkus and Rayglop (Together of darkness...AU) by farahin001 Naxkus and Rayglop (Together of darkness...AU) :iconfarahin001:farahin001 17 6 Butch and Indominus Rex by ZheyZhey Butch and Indominus Rex :iconzheyzhey:ZheyZhey 301 21
The Wrath of Lincoln Loud#2: Lucy and Luna
Well... Looks like the EXTRA itself will need a rewrite as well. If I keep it canon to this story, there's gonna be some plot-holes and I can't have those floating around.
Lucy Loud sat on her side of the room on top of her bed, writing her poems into her poem book. Though, from the looks of it, she just can't shake off the negative emotions that are buzzing around in her mind, especially after what happened about a week and half ago. The young goth sighed as she reads what she wrote down so far, which happens to reflect on quite a terrifying nightmare she had last night. She may not be able to recall every single detail, but one instance from that nightmare was as clear as day.
'... Time to fulfill my vengeance,' the familiar voice said within Lucy's mind.
(It's obvious as to who's voice echoed from the memory of said nightmare. Not to mention, this could be some bit of foreshadowing, maybe?)
She looks up and stares off into the ceiling, believing as it were a message from the s
:iconbloodkirbyunleashed:BloodKirbyUnleashed 6 2
Teen Titans Go Is NOT Our New Favorite Show by Giugiubee03 Teen Titans Go Is NOT Our New Favorite Show :icongiugiubee03:Giugiubee03 12 22
"Is how I made it this far...!"
"Your motives are wretched as they are,"
"Although they do not show in plain sight."
"In light of what I have seen,"
"The troubles can never be clean."
"So it's time I fight"
"With all my might,"
"For nothing but spite,"
"And allow my vision to take flight!"
"To cover your undesirable tracks,"
"I have been forced to take the smack"
"From your petty games"
"As many others believe I make false claims."
"It's true that I used great endurance,"
"In hopes of fixing your ignorance."
"Unfortunately, you worm your ways"
"Out with your craze"
"While I got forced to accept this phase."
"For the good or bad"
"All incessant actions"
"Have driven me mad,"
"From your excuses of distractions,"
"To even more petty examples"
"And then leaving me in great shambles."
"It is extremely unfair"
"To show little care,"
"As you show me quite the glare"
"When you yourself are highly aware"
"Of your own faults,"
"Especially when they believe I purposefully made the
:iconbloodkirbyunleashed:BloodKirbyUnleashed 2 0
The Wrath of Lincoln Loud#1: The Start
You know that feeling you get when you just want to go and cut loose? All because you got sick and tired of the constant nonsense you have to put up with almost all the time? Well... After recent events... We're about to look into that in one way or another...
It has been a week and a half since that time the Louds thought Lincoln was bad luck. The white-haired boy is glad that his grandfather Albert (or as they would affectionately call him, "Pop-Pop") arrived an managed to put a stop to this charade. He made sure Rita and Lynn Sr. went and re-bought all of Lincoln's possessions, took him back into the house, and the Squirrel Costume was then confiscated from them. Of course, Lincoln himself ended up getting a lecture from Albert in terms of honesty.
(Think about it, Lincoln took advantage of Lynn's false accusation just to have time to himself and what-not. Also, we won't be looking to full detail about how that incident went... Or maybe we will?)
Even so, Lincoln remained deep
:iconbloodkirbyunleashed:BloodKirbyUnleashed 9 9
Kitana vs Rayglop (Creature's Fighter - AU) by farahin001 Kitana vs Rayglop (Creature's Fighter - AU) :iconfarahin001:farahin001 17 3
Mature content
The Loud House Fanfic #7 - Careful or Careless :iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 13 1
Gremlins Xmas - fan-art by LozanoX Gremlins Xmas - fan-art :iconlozanox:LozanoX 403 32
The Loud House Fanfic #35 - Luck
It has been a few weeks ever since Lincoln convinced his family he was good luck. The only problem was that he was forced to wear a squirrel costume, otherwise he'd still be considered bad luck. The experience was okay at first, but over time, Lincoln was beginning to feel a bit stressed out. One day, Vanzilla pulled up near the beach, as the family came out.
Rita: I hope you kids remembered your gear.
Luan: Relax Mom, we've got what we need.
Leni: This is going to be so much fun!
Lily: (giggles) Poo poo!
Lola: Top rule everyone! No one splashes water on me!
Lisa: Obviously that rule is declined, due to how often we head into the ocean.
Lynn Sr.: Lincoln? You coming?
(Out of the van came Lincoln, who of course, was dressed up as a squirrel)
Lori: Come on Lincoln, we literally need you for good luck!
Lana: Yeah! Maybe with our good luck charm I'll find a shark!
Lincoln: Uhh, isn't a shark supposed to be a bad thing?
Lana: I made this new trap and I might be able to catch it and take it
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 27 12
The Loud House Fanfic #29 - What A Wonderful Loud
The sisters were all sitting at the table waiting for their dinner. Lincoln was in the kitchen helping his mother cook.
Rita: Lincoln, I think it was sweet of you to help me cook dinner tonight.
Lincoln: You were just having some trouble. I'm always happy to help.
(Lincoln tastes some of the spaghetti)
Lincoln: Hmm... I got an idea.
(Lincoln puts a bit of pepper into the spaghetti)
Rita: Lincoln honey, that's not meant to go in there.
Lincoln: Try tasting it.
(Rita tastes the spaghetti)
Rita: Well Lincoln, this tastes amazing. Nice plan honey.
Lincoln: (smiles) Lincoln Loud always has a plan.
(Sometime later, Rita handed everybody their bowl of sphagetti)
Leni: Oh yum spaghetti!
Luan: I'm spa-getting ready to eat! (laughs)
Lucy.: This spaghetti has blood sauce on it, wicked.
Lola: The princess can't wait to eat her dinner tonight.
Lisa: The common food of football players is our meal for tonight, hopefully this tastes good.
Lori: (licks her lips) Less talking, more eating!
Luna: C'mon
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 13 1
The Loud House Re-Write #3 - Brawl in the Family
Lincoln walked into the living room to find no one. He went towards the kitchen, only for Luna to block the way.
Lincoln: Hey!
Luna: Sorry dude, kitchen's off limits.
Lincoln: Why?
Lisa: Lori's cooling off in there after she had a fight with Leni.
Lincoln: But I'm hungry! What am I supposed to eat?
Lisa: Well I did find this bagel under the couch.
(Lincoln takes the bagel and takes a bite out of it)
Lisa: Even though it's covered in dog hair, lint, and a booger.
Lincoln: (horrified) Coming through!
(Lincoln rushes upstairs to the bathroom, but Lana stops him)
Lana: Halt!
Lincoln: What now?!
Lana: Bathroom is off limits! Leni's cooling down after she had a fight with Lori.
Lincoln: What's the whole deal with this fight?!
(Flashback to the rest of the sisters sitting on the couch, when Lori came in)
Lori: Guys! Check out this dress I found at the mall! It's literally one of a kind!
Leni: Hey guys! Check out this dress I bought at the mall!
(The sisters all look worried)
Leni: (notices Lo
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 17 4
Farewell, Steven by DarkOliver Farewell, Steven :icondarkoliver:DarkOliver 12 75 Stickwoman - Stagon (AU) by farahin001 Stickwoman - Stagon (AU) :iconfarahin001:farahin001 26 8
The Loud House Fanfic #12 - Brother with Rabies
It was Sunday night, and all the Loud siblings were at their favorite camping spot known as "The Royal Woods Camping Zone". It was their last night there, and they were getting wood ready for the fire.
Lincoln: (to the viewers) When it comes to camping, it can be a lot of fun. However, the last time our family went to a camp spot was when Lucy was telling us a bunch of fortunes, which kind of caused me to miss out on all the fun. However, this time, it's been quite a fun experience.
Lucy: Well I'm glad you have been having more fun, unlike last time. But we're still gathering firewood.
Lola: Yeah! So can you please stop talking to yourself so we can get more firewood?
Luan: That wood be nice! (laughs)
Lori: Well I've gathered enough and I'm ready to head back to the campsite, I'm expecting a call from Bobby any minute now.
Leni: Well I'm ready to get back, the woods at night are really scary! There's animals that could pop out foaming from their mouth ready to attack!
Lynn: (to Leni) Y
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 10 3
The Loud House Fanfic #14 - Sports Date
Today (Wednesday) was a special day for Clyde McBride, he was finally ready to man up and ask Lori to go out with him. Lincoln was there for support, despite his doubt of Clyde getting together with Lori.
Lincoln: Are you ready, Clyde?
Clyde: I got elegant suit, my hair is elegant, I used an expensive colonge and I have Lori's favorite flowers. Yes, I am.
Lincoln: Remember to think about Clawopatra when you think you start "going cyborg".
Clyde: I'll remember that. Wish me luck, Linc! (goes inside)
Lincoln: Good luck! (to the viewer) Ever since me and Clyde beceme friends, he's had this creepy crush on Lori, and does everything he can to impress her. I know it's not possible for it to happen, but I support him anyway so he would't feel bad.
(Inside, Clyde went into Lori and Leni's bedroom)
Lori: (to Bobby on her phone) Well if you're going to get the concert tickets, you should've-! (notices Clyde) Gah! What are you doing in here?!
Clyde: (to Lori) Good day, my sweatheart. You know, ev
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 17 1



Logan Loud's new side
Lately, Logan has going overboard with his Despicable lifestyle. So the Loud family tries to make Logan find a new calling that's less destructive. Logan has been participating in school activities, but none of them last long due to his Despicable instinct. Eventually he found an activity that felt suitable to him, Cooking. Turns out Logan is a pro when it comes to cooking and finally found his new calling.
(Though to be honest the half reason Logan likes cooking because of all the knives he gets to be around with.)
Deadcob has been trained to be the most deadliest mercenary in the plant team. Now that the war is back on, he's gonna start charging Crazy Dave double.
Loud's Intervention
Some of the Loud siblings and friends are cosplaying a scene from Eight Crazy Nights (the Intervention song)

Logan(Fictional): Davey Stone

Clyde: GNC bottle

Lori: Victoria's Secret gown

Leni: Panda Express panda

Luna: Sharper Image chair

Luan: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cup

Lynn: Foot Locker referee

Lana & Lola: KB Toys soldiers

Lisa: See's Candies box

Lily: Radio Shack walkie-talkie
Just started the making the "Trade it for more than the World" fanfic! Making some progress.
Lincoln Loud's Fury Unleashed!
This is based on a fanfic made by BloodKirbyUnleashed called "The Loud House: Fury of Lincoln Loud" where Lincoln lets out his biggest outburst.


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